Lake Life Collection

Jan 10th, 2024
Lake Life Bedding Collection by Beth McMillian Designs

I am not what you would call "outdoorsy." I am, in fact, decidedly indoorsy, which is perhaps why I love designing bedding collections. When I was creating the Lake Life collection, I was watching a bunch of motel renovation shows, and I think this one would be PERFECT for a little mountain motel near a lake. It's woodsy, it's mid-century-y, and it's cozy all in one. If I had a mountain cabin (which is a life goal of mine), I'd decorate it just like this and then snuggle in with a pile of books for the winter. 

If you share my love of cozy, mid-century modern, mountainy things and want to recreate this look, here's what you need:

The entire Lake Life bedding collection, including these and other coordinating designs can be found here. It's also available on Spoonflower's fabrics, AND it can be licensed!! Get in touch about licensing any of my seamless repeat patterns, via my contact form!